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Host a screening

Hosting a screening of HOW TO THRIVE is a great way to connect with your community to explore and discuss proactive steps to improve our wellbeing. Gather your friends, colleagues and community to see the film in a cinema near you or choose your own venue. 

OPTION 1: Bring HOW TO  THRIVE to your local cinema with FanForce

Bring a public or private screening to your local cinema!

Simply register your preferred cinema and date via FanForce and they will book a screening at a cinema near you.

Once enough tickets are sold to meet the ‘tipping point’ the screening is confirmed. If the tipping point is not met the screening doesn’t go ahead and nobody is charged for tickets.

FanForce will create social media posts that you can share to help you promote the event to help it reach the tipping point.

Want to hold an intimate screening for your friends or colleagues? Just let FanForce know when you submit your request form to make your event private.

We recommend registering your screening at least five weeks before your preferred event date to allow sufficient time to promote the screening and sell enough tickets to meet the tipping point.

Watch FanForce’s video or check the FAQs for more info.

Click here to request a screening via FanForce.

OPTION 2: Host your own private screening

If you want to host your own private or corporate screening then this is the option for you!

Screening licences are available for Organisations and Corporates wanting to host their own screening. 

In person and virtual Q&A options from Director Duy Huynh, Positive Psychotherapist Marie McLeod and our Participants are available, along with keynote speeches and workshops.

Compete the form below and one of our team will contact you with pricing and availability. 

Host a screening/event

Hosting a How to Thrive event is a great way to start helpful conversations around good mental health practice, create psychological safety and build connection, community and wellbeing.

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