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The Documentary - How to Thrive

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Positive psychotherapist Marie McLeod takes 7 people on a
transformative journey to learn the secret formula to happiness

Synopsis: Is there a secret formula to happiness? We all struggle sometimes, but what does it mean when we struggle? We all experience strong emotions, but what should we do about them? We all want to be happy - but what is happiness and why is it so elusive? Positive psycho-therapist Marie McLeod takes on a group of volunteers with mental health issues and offers them interventions grounded in positive psychology, neuroscience and wellbeing science.

The film’s premise is; if we offer the science of happiness to people experiencing struggle; what difference would it make? Is happiness a learnable skill and can we teach people skills to live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives? With unprecedented access; the result is an intimate, heartfelt and hopeful film that offers a rare glimpse into the lives of 7 people who make incredible transforms as a result of learning ‘How to Thrive?’
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